A Perfect Throw

Posted on June 20, 2013


stout final cover april 8

From the machismo of Mexican ballplayers, to a portrait of marriage, to an 1880s mining town, Mr. Stout convincingly exposes the human comedy, portraying tenderness and treachery, loyalty and betrayal, love and loss—the, full range of difficult emotions that proves there is no such thing as an oportraying tenderness and treachery, loyalty and betrayal, love and loss—the rdinary life. He frankly and poignantly balances the quotidian with the ironic twists that define the human condition. In landscapes both familiar and foreign, Stout’s poems emerge as insightful narratives reflecting the poet’s aesthetic and ethical awareness with quiet artistry. In the final section, Wife of the Jew, Mr. Stout’s writing is reminiscent of Robert Cooperman’s The Widow’s Burden and In the Colorado Gold Fever Mountains, giving us an intimate view of a more difficult and less forgiving time. Mr. Stout has a perceptive eye, a keen ear and a confident hand. His willingness to confront life head on make this a book we will read and return to again and again.

Ann Howells
Editor—Illya’s Honey

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