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Tijuana’s Gay Parade

March 29, 2015


Tijuana’s annual Gay Pride celebration Robert Joe Stout “Can’t get through,” the cabdriver slammed on the brakes, “I’ll have to back up and go around.” Embroidered by an outpouring of indistinguishable adjectives, most of which had to do with illegitimate children and immoral women, this information also included something about a parade, AIDS and arrogant […]

When Love Is Almost

March 24, 2015


From Where Gringos Don’t Belong Although they returned to the conference room to dance Claudi seemed less vivacious, more subdued. Finally, clasping his hand, she led him to the reception area just inside the front door. “I needed to get away from everybody.” “Me too.” “Want to hear the latest?” “What?” “I was talking to […]


March 22, 2015


First published in Infective Ink The La Eucaristía primary school was an armed camp. Carlos García’s sister was afraid to go near it even though she’d taught there for seven years. She told Carlos she’d seen porros who were patrolling the entrances grab another of the teachers, rip his school pack off his shoulder and […]

You Must Read This Excellent Book

March 21, 2015


As a native Southern Californian I have been interested in Mexico and Central America my entire life. In the last 10 years I have made an effort to read and understand as much as I could about the Mexican Revolution and, to some extent, 19th century Mexican history. My wife is a Mexicana and hence, […]