Running Out theHurt (excerpt)

Posted on May 14, 2015


The first batter popped to Cipriano and the second hit a high fly to Ruiz Baños in center. The third swung and missed badly on a fast ball that was over the plate but up around the bill of his cap. Cipriano edged another step into the hole between first and second as Alejandro positioned the ball in his glove. The pitch started out shoulder-high, then broke sharply. The batter started to lunge but pulled back, surprised. Sergio scooped it and charged towards Alejandro.

Cipriano ran in to meet them on the mound. So did Valverde. Sergio had pulled off his mask; his lips exposed his small, sharp teeth as he barked, “No, jóvencito! The curve, no!” His cap had fallen over his right eye; he pushed it away with the heel of his hand. “Chingada! I will tell you! El Hilo! He could have been a great one! The greatest! Hizo babosadas pitching, you see what happened! Blew out his shoulder–so bad he could never play again. Not even to hit!”

Thinking it was another joke Alejandro started to laugh. But Sergio slapped the ball into the young pitcher’s glove and Cipriano, taking the cue from his wink, signaled towards Manuelito.

“That’s a fine. Now throw hard and high again. I want to bat.”

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