It Was the Government!

Posted on August 8, 2015


Great play has been given to assassinations and lethal confrontations among competing drug cartels in Mexico but among the most the notorious killings are those perpetrated by Mexico’s federal and state governments, sometimes in collusion with criminal organizations. Increased citizen disapproval of police and military involvement in killings and disappearances has triggered greater repression. Only in Syria have more journalists been killed than in Mexico. Even minor dissent can bring a death sentence, as happened in Ayotzinapa with the disappearance and presumed homicides of 43 college students and at Apatzingan where unarmed protesters were gunned down by heavily armed uniformed troops.

When Gringos Don’t Belong delves into the effects of government persecution on innocent bystanders to the purges and repression. Set in Oaxaca in southern Mexico in 2006-2007 the novel includes actual testimony of persons arrested and tortured as the fictional protagonists confront forces beyond their control. As a freelance journalist working in Oaxaca I witnessed many of the events described—events that altered the lives of thousands of people and whose repercussions still are being felt.

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