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Livin’ the Life Latina

December 23, 2015


Q&A with Robert Joe Stout Robert Joe Stout’s books include Hidden Dangers, an examination of Mexico-U.S. relations and the conflicts they’ve generated including drug commerce and immigration. Two volumes of poetry have appeared recently, Monkey Screams from FutureCycle Press which includes poems from Vietnam, Mid-America and Mexico, and A Perfect Throw. A new novel, Where […]


December 18, 2015


It was a serious conversation about immigration and cultural values: Syrian refugees, Mexican indocumentos, the Diaspora. Newcomers to a strange land always had to struggle, to reinvent themselves, to adapt without losing their integrity, their sense of who they were and who they wanted to be. I mentioned having written about immigrants to the American […]

Who Can One Believe In?

December 17, 2015


In Hidden Dangers published two years ago I described United States-Mexico relations as incoherent and asked Who then does one believe in? ┬áThe governments of both countries have relied on propaganda rather than factual analysis of what their programs have failed to achieve. The so-called war on drugs is a prime example. Simultaneously the government […]