Victory Cheers

Posted on March 3, 2016


In the formative years that are high school for the majority of Americans identity is not just a personal “I” but a linking to a “we,” an expanded self that connects one to others both physically and conceptually. As a friend of mine told me, “I left high school years ago but high school never left me.” Or in the words of a high school football coach, “Even those among their classmates who’ll go on to property and wealth won’t forget these players’ names or what they did out on the field. When they become old men on canes or strapped in convalescent beds they’ll still hear high school trumpets blare, feel blood surge as crashing pads fill their universe with victory cheers.” (From Monkey Screams, poems that define Americans, by Robert Joe Stout, available on Amazon and from FutureCycle Press.

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