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A Drink of History

April 26, 2016


Seeing them anchored in Mexico City’s touristy Centro Historico I wanted to cry. Pulquerìas de la moda. Clean, smart, yuppie. Customers in button-down collars, shiny alligator boots. Trim-waisted women in tailored slacks. Bartenders accustomed to serving politicians, German tourists. Not the way they were during my student years in then less-than-respectable Colonia Escandòn. And not […]

So Who Reads Poetry?

April 10, 2016


Who reads poetry? Mostly other poets. Some years ago a writer who’s published frequently in poetry and literary magazines nodded affirmatively and countered, “Well, I never read engineering magazines.” Poets read poetry publications, engineers read engineering publications. The same holds true for politicians, horse breeders, gourmet cooks and hair stylists, each of whom read publications […]