Posted on May 10, 2017


The 1970s bombshell now available on Kindle.

Described as “way ahead of its time,” The New York Times cautioned: “You’ll love Miss Sally but she’ll break your heart.”

Sally Halm’s initiation into womanhood, the discovery of sex without hope of love and grief without the release of tears, takes place in rural Texas during the 1930s, a rough and tumble environment in which the thirteen-year-old struggles to reconcile the concepts of “sin” and “salvation” that seem to dominate her life. Inspired by the testimony of a woman evangelist who recounted rising from degradation to achieve happiness and prosperity Sally tries to emulate her but “everything I do I do backwards, I can’t even sin without people laughing at me.” Her decision to run away from family, from the life she’s leading and has led, thrusts her into even greater entanglementss that make her realize how difficult it is to have one’s immortal soul saved, even when that’s all that one has left.

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Miss Sally by Robert Joe Stout

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