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Hidden Dangers Now an E-book

October 13, 2017


Rated 4.83 out of 5 stars on goodreads, Hidden Dangers, Mexico on the Brink of Disaster by Robert Joe Stout has just been released as a Kindle ebook. Hidden Dangers’ exposes the dangers that residents of both the United States and Mexico face if they do not deal with the problems infecting the economies and […]

Immigrants: Caught in the Middle

July 28, 2017


The government of the United States doesn’t care about them. Unfortunately, neither does the government of Mexico: The migration of so many heads of household ruptured the traditional structure of Mexican family life, leaving to women many responsibilities that previously had been denied them but also making many of them dependent upon money being remitted […]

Immigration, War on Drugs

December 31, 2016


Do the U.S. and Mexico really want to end the War on Drugs and illegal immigration? Catch the Author’s Radio interview with Robert Joe Stout, author of Hidden Dangers , January 5 on the internet at Author’s Show ( All day, just check the January 5 broadcast schedule. The Authors Show broadcasts simultaniously on 5 […]

Hidden Dangers

August 23, 2016


Mexico: Politics, People, Books and Baseball – Mexico: bad politics, rich culture Former New York Times bureau chief Alan Riding calls Mexico “our distant neighbor.” Distant or not, the neighbor is undergoing economic and political changes that “lie like landmines ready to explode beneath Uncle Sam’s footsteps,” comments a noted Mexican journalist. These landmines include: […]

A Person Worth Emulating

November 12, 2015


Joaquín (“El Chapo”) Guzmán has become one of the most celebrated personages in Mexico. He is admired by many more people than admire Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto. Why? Both are multi-billionaires but El Chapo rose from impoverished workingclass beginnings to become one of the richest individuals in Latin America whereas Peña Nieto is the […]

Five Stars – Hidden Dangers

September 28, 2015


Wesley  Gerrard rated a book 5 of 5 stars Hidden Dangers: Mexico on the Brink of Disaster by Robert Joe Stout (Goodreads Author) Stout’s book is a detailed study of the status quo in Mexico and its relationship with its uber-powerful Northern neighbour. Based in Oaxaca, Robert Joe Stout’s writing often reflects detailed local knowledge and overall, his […]


August 6, 2015


When I was in the Air Force we commonly used the expression SNAFU—situation normal, all fucked up—to describe everything from conflicting orders of the day to mess hall meals. The abnormal was normal; if shit could happen, it happened. No matter how much one strived to get things right, to get things done, gremlins interfered. […]