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Getting Places Safely

May 19, 2018


Getting Places Safely Robert Joe Stout The Governor of the State of Mexico affirmed that the Church answers the call to preserve moral values. JENARO VILLAMIL I first encountered my double among a shuffle of priests, reporters and security guards fringing the auditorium where the Governor was addressing the national Council of Catholic Bishops. Mistaken […]

Pedro Fuerte

October 30, 2016


From THE LAMPETER REVIEW, Spring, 2016 Under skies clouded into mashed potato mush directions cease to exist. Ten-year-old taxis striped maroon and gray, potato-chip-painted delivery vans, sputtering VW bugs—vochos the Mexicans call them—couples sandwiched together on Italicas, lumbering buses with destinations scribbled on their windshields: none of them headed in a predetermined direction. Some turn […]

What Are They Saying?

October 21, 2016


Robert Joe Stout From EL PORTAL, Fall 2016 “Compa! Ayúdame pushar la pinche carumfla!” A swarthy young fellow swiping at his face with his chambray shirtsleeve emerged from a cluster of men kneeling in front of a dented pickup on the Tijuana streetcorner as he cursed the man who’d called for help. “Por que no […]

Macho Men

October 16, 2016


Macho Men  by Robert Joe Stout From The Vehicle, Spring 2016   Oaxaca, Mexico, 2006 With the military/police takeover the historical district has become somnambulant. Despite sunshine everything seems gray, buildings and people slightly distorted, as though being photographed by out of focus cameras. The authorities have blocked auto and pedestrian access to the Zócalo […]

What Do You Want?

July 27, 2016


ROBERT JOE STOUT For weeks, María Cristi rehearsed what she was going to say. Rehearsed and procrastinated, bitten by doubts. She didn’t want to cause anguish—or anger. But after each procrastination her determination returned. “I have a right to know, I have a right to know,” she repeated with teenaged determination. Finally, she forced herself […]

A Phallic Disease

July 1, 2016


Avatar Review Issue 18 A Phallic Disease          Asked about the deterioration of communal life in Mexico, Citlali Morales makes the sign of the cross.          “The Church, you mean?”          She shakes her head. A large woman by southern Mexico standards, full-figured with wide prominent features and eyes that seem to say I know […]

A Drink of History

April 26, 2016


Seeing them anchored in Mexico City’s touristy Centro Historico I wanted to cry. Pulquerìas de la moda. Clean, smart, yuppie. Customers in button-down collars, shiny alligator boots. Trim-waisted women in tailored slacks. Bartenders accustomed to serving politicians, German tourists. Not the way they were during my student years in then less-than-respectable Colonia Escandòn. And not […]