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Poetry’s for Sissies

July 20, 2017


For years I’ve heard persons who write poetry complain, “Why don’t people like poetry?” (Or variations: “Why doesn’t anyone read poetry?” “How can we make poetry more popular?”) Poetry, in fact, is subversive. It creeps into everyday thought through popular music, advertising, scientific speculation. A creative writing Ph. D. (of whom there are many attached […]

Vietnam War – Forgotten?

March 31, 2017


Vietnam War – Forgotten? In Monkey Screams touching reminders of the way it was. In the words of one reviewer: Monkey Screams  starts with a twenty-page section of poetry called “Testimonies from Vietnam.” It contains fifteen of the best poems I’ve read dealing with the Vietnam War. The very first poem, “Hero,” has a line about […]

Best Vietnam Poems

December 23, 2016


Monkey Screams by Robert Joe Stout Posted on November 19, 2016 Robert Joe Stout is a graduate of Mexico City College and has written books about Mexico. As far as his military service, he looks to be about the right age to be a Vietnam War veteran. Monkey Screams (FutureCycle Press, 90 pp., $15.95) starts with […]

Frisky Tunes

November 29, 2016


NEW RELEASE: Frisky Tunes by Robert Joe Stout       Poetry’s flirtations with magic have aroused comparisons and commentaries since thoughts and experiences first emerged into language. Magic, but not black magic, mysterious and occult, but an everydayness magic, like a trout’s sudden leap over white water rapids, a smiling response from a person in […]

Victory Cheers

July 22, 2016


In Monkey Screams a highschool football coach insists: Even those among their classmates who’ll go on to property and wealth won’t forget these players’ names or what they did out on the field. Highschool is molding time for adolescents. Self-awareness expands, not always pleasantly, and with it doubts, fears, aspirations, embarrassments. Importances become exaggerated, personalities […]

They Still Play Baseball the Old Way

June 13, 2016


They Still Play Baseball the Old Way  My intention when I began writing the poems in “They Still Play Baseball the Old Way” section of a Perfect Throw was to present the Mexico I know and live in through portraits of the members of a ragtag semi-pro baseball team. The Mexico I know is not […]

So Who Reads Poetry?

April 10, 2016


Who reads poetry? Mostly other poets. Some years ago a writer who’s published frequently in poetry and literary magazines nodded affirmatively and countered, “Well, I never read engineering magazines.” Poets read poetry publications, engineers read engineering publications. The same holds true for politicians, horse breeders, gourmet cooks and hair stylists, each of whom read publications […]