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Looking at Mountains

July 17, 2015


Looking at Mountains Robert Joe Stout With twenty or thirty others in San Juan Chijuqui’s stone-walled communal center, Cruz Vilchis and I listened to residents of that isolated mountain pueblo enumerate what porros of the neighboring village had done. There being no electricity and no windows the room was dark excerpt for an elongated strip […]

You Must Read This Excellent Book

March 21, 2015


As a native Southern Californian I have been interested in Mexico and Central America my entire life. In the last 10 years I have made an effort to read and understand as much as I could about the Mexican Revolution and, to some extent, 19th century Mexican history. My wife is a Mexicana and hence, […]

What a reviewer says about Hidden Dangers

November 22, 2014


Chronicle Book Review: Mexico on the Brink 0 BY ON NOVEMBER 20, 2014 · 420 POLITICAL NEWS Hidden Dangers: Mexico on the Brink of Disaster by Robert Joe Stout (2014, Sunbury Press, 210 pp., $16.95 PB) Today is the official 104th anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution. The uprising that began then lasted […]

Ten Years–the Situation Hasn’t Changed

April 7, 2014


Although U. S. President George W. Bush didn’t include Mexico’s president Vicente Fox in his suggested “opening the doors to debate” over immigration reform in January 2004, he did re-activate many old immigration clichés by proposing “earned legalization” for current workers and an extended guest worker program that would grant temporary residency to immigrants for […]

Let the Good Times Roll

March 19, 2014


Let the Good Times Roll Robert Joe Stout Beneath jutting rocks on the hillside ahead of him, patches of new-growth green showed evidence of recent rain. The land had been sere, drought-parched, when he’d left, with dying growth tangling the shallow culvert that sloped away from the unpaved road. It could rain again. Manuel Hernández […]