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October 17, 2017


Running Out the Hurt by Robert Joe Stout Baseball the way it should be played—with zest, enjoyment and personal commitment Latino style, fun, controversy, romance, hijinks, saucy interplay between sexes and ribald humor on and off the field. A Latin America few people see but all can enjoy in the pages of this personality-filled and […]

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Hidden Dangers Now an E-book

October 13, 2017


Rated 4.83 out of 5 stars on goodreads, Hidden Dangers, Mexico on the Brink of Disaster by Robert Joe Stout has just been released as a Kindle ebook. Hidden Dangers’ exposes the dangers that residents of both the United States and Mexico face if they do not deal with the problems infecting the economies and […]

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Me and Miss Sally

October 12, 2017


An excerpt from the novel Miss Sally ( intended for a media site that turned out to be no more than a vote-for-me fan page.  So it appears here instead.   In his shrill, cackly voice Mr. Bayne repeated what he’d told the Alperts a few days earlier. Then, more slyly, he added that he […]

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Miss Sally – 4 1/2 stars

October 8, 2017


Miss Sally by Robert Joe Stout     This is a bleak view of Texas in the 1930s offered by a young girl lost in a dust bowl of sin, confusion, and lust. Bleak may be a polite term as I am sure some readers would find Robert Joe Stout’s 1973 novel “Miss Sally” a […]

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Literary? Don’t Say It!

September 26, 2017


Years ago when I first became entranced with books and reading novels were categorized by librarians as “serious” and “light.” Many who bought books or checked them out of libraries used the terms “heavy” and “escapist.” “Heavy” had Dostoevskiian overtones, light reading encompassed mysteries, most science fiction, women’s stories. Almost without exception “serious” novels were […]

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The End of ebooks?

September 9, 2017


In its newsletter the publisher of one of my books cited the continuing popularity plunge in ebook sales and the increase (significant but not phenomenal) in paperback popularity. The newsletter also reported a decline in fiction sales and rise in nonfiction purchases. The publisher’s conclusion, similar to those of the Publishers Association, was that readers […]

Still Just 99 cents!

August 31, 2017


STILL JUST 99 CENTS! (Free to reviewers) Robert Joe Stout’s Miss Sally, a Texas teenager’s struggles for recognition and love and the brutal forces slammed against her. A reviewer calls it “a breathless read.”

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