December 17, 2018


Kill the Teachers, Mexico’s Bloody Repression of Human Rights, Robert Joe Stout’s intimate portrayal of protest and repression in Oaxaca. First hand experiences and on the spot interviews. Awesome! Says 5-star reviewer. Advertisements

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Memorial Service

December 12, 2018


Memorial Service In Mexico Human Rights Advocates Are Assassinated Robert Joe Stout 1. Decision: simple and not Catholic-Evangelical-Zapoteca. No crosses, no artifacts. Food? Yes, well, Bety would approve. Mescal? Why not? It’s Oaxaca. It’s on all the altars of Day of the Dead. If she were here she’d approve. That’s the way she was. Bursting […]

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Awesome Book

December 5, 2018


Here’s what an Amazon reviewer says about Kill the Teachers As more people come up through the southern border, no matter what side of politics you are on you should not be ignorant to the facts presented in the book. There is a reason people are starving in Mexico where the president of Mexico is […]

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Free to Blog Followers!

November 5, 2018


Want a free ebook copy of Kill the Teachers, the dynamic nonfiction revelations of human rights repressions in Mexico? It’s yours in exchange for a brief review. Give me a “Yes, I do,” and it will be yours!

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Hideous Costume

October 25, 2018


With Day of the Dead approaching I search out the hideous costume I’ve used for years. It consists of: * my face, which frightens children, cats, street vendors, young women and tourists from everywhere except Texas. (Nothing seems to frighten tourists from Texas); * a black sweatshirt; * a slightly too large old pair of […]

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Dangerous Weapons

October 21, 2018


The police stripped Villegas and his companions of their cell phones, cameras and other possessions and accused them of conveying “dangerous weapons” — bags filled with children’s marbles and slingshots — that they found in the baggage compartment of one of the buses. When one of the APPO supporters, a distinguished looking middle-aged psychologist, protested, […]

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Police Attack

October 16, 2018


“It was five o’clock in the morning [June 14]. Some people started shouting — they’d gotten warning calls on their cell phones. ‘Get up! Get up! The police are coming!’ I saw flashlights snap on. Then we heard the helicopters. They came in so low their big rotors sent things flying through the air. Then […]