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Literary? Don’t Say It!

September 26, 2017


Years ago when I first became entranced with books and reading novels were categorized by librarians as “serious” and “light.” Many who bought books or checked them out of libraries used the terms “heavy” and “escapist.” “Heavy” had Dostoevskiian overtones, light reading encompassed mysteries, most science fiction, women’s stories. Almost without exception “serious” novels were […]

The End of ebooks?

September 9, 2017


In its newsletter the publisher of one of my books cited the continuing popularity plunge in ebook sales and the increase (significant but not phenomenal) in paperback popularity. The newsletter also reported a decline in fiction sales and rise in nonfiction purchases. The publisher’s conclusion, similar to those of the Publishers Association, was that readers […]

Beware the Marketer

July 23, 2017


Last week I received six unsolicited e-mails from marketers and self-style marketers urging me to invest in their “sure fire” promotional schemes. Most offered the same or variations of the same processes: reaching hundreds of thousands of Twitter subscribers, blog appearances, e-mail listings, bargain prices on “how to sell” pdfs and videos. Last week was […]

Where Gringos Don’t Belong

April 27, 2015


Excerpt: They forced the whimpering woman to her knees, then lifting were able to get her to stand. She cried out, hurt, and the woman with the tangled hair flung her jacket aside and yanked the short-sleeved sweatshirt she was wearing beneath it over her head and knotted it to form a sling. She slipped […]

The Indie Book Marketing Game

August 14, 2013


How to market self-published or small press-published books is quite the craze. There are hundreds of “how to sell what you write” blogs, websites and promos. After looking into a lot of them I decided to try to analyze where they come from, what they signify and the effects they have on self-publishing and indie […]

Kindle, Monsters and Marketing Advice

May 12, 2013


         As a career magazine and newspaper journalist who in addition to hundreds of articles long and short has published some sixty or seventy literary and little magazine shortstories, a novel that though praised never went into a second printing and hundreds of poems I assumed that I was more than casually […]