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Still Just 99 cents!

August 31, 2017


STILL JUST 99 CENTS! (Free to reviewers) Robert Joe Stout’s Miss Sally, a Texas teenager’s struggles for recognition and love and the brutal forces slammed against her. A reviewer calls it “a breathless read.”

Getting Places Safely

June 1, 2017


Getting Places Safely Robert Joe Stout   The Governor of the State of Mexico affirmed that the Church answers the call to preserve moral values. JENARO VILLAMIL   I first encountered my double among a shuffle of priests, reporters and security guards fringing the auditorium where the Governor was addressing the national Council of Catholic […]


May 10, 2017


The 1970s bombshell now available on Kindle. Described as “way ahead of its time,” The New York Times cautioned: “You’ll love Miss Sally but she’ll break your heart.” Sally Halm’s initiation into womanhood, the discovery of sex without hope of love and grief without the release of tears, takes place in rural Texas during the […]

An Invitation He Couldn’t Refuse

February 8, 2017


         To hear Matt Morrison talk you might believe that he’d created the poet/publisher/Gatherer-of-the-Tribes that he claimed to be out of sheer will and fortitude but in fact his life was a pool ball knocked here and there by forces he seldom perceived nor understood. Stubby forefinger darting here and there as though dotting […]

Lucky Ones

October 7, 2016


Published in Corvus Review #6, Fall 2016 Shortly before I left Oaxaca to return to San Francisco I ran into Joan Campbell in the Zòcalo. “Chinga, Madison, cuidado!” in her sharp voice that always seemed to be jumping from one octave to another, one language to another. “I wasn’t anticipating an attack.” “I guess not. […]

Off to War

September 18, 2016


Robert Joe Stout From Broadkill Review Vol. 10, number 4 Larry Hardy left for Canada the day after his eighteenth birthday. It must have been a Saturday because my dad was working in the garden and came around to the front of the house when he heard that Larry was asking for him. “Just want […]

The Crucifixion

July 10, 2016

0  ON THE RUSK, No. 9, June 2016 The Crucifixion                                                           Robert Joe Stout           Sparks snapping from his skateboard’s wheels Rene Aronld caromed past the cactus-embroidered houses of the canyon subdivision where his parents lived towards the oleum creeping through the cleft in the San Rafael hills. To him Los Angeles was an alien jungle […]