BobMexico, baseball, politics, literature–distinct and disconnected topics? Not really. Mexico is a complex country with a rich culture, a turbulent history and a love of sports, all of which have contributed to literature about the country written in both Spanish and English. Mexico Con Amor evokes connections among these topics–and ruptures among them. Comments and contributions are invited.
Robert Joe Stout is a prize-winning journalist, novelist and poet who has written extensively about Mexico, human rights and baseball. His most recent books include Why Immigrants Come to America, Running Out the Hurt and A Perfect Throw. Essays, fiction and poetry have appeared in such diverse publications as The Monthly Review, Prick of the Spindle and Smoke.


As a highschool baseball pitcher he threw a no-hitter but lost the game 11-0. (Nine walks, three wild pitches, two hit batsmen, six fielders errors, two of them his.)

As an Air Force enlisted man he received commendations as a bomb wing historian but never received a good conduct medal.

During his undergraduate days at Mexico City College he edited the award-winning The Collegian newspaper, received the gold key honoring the year’s outstanding graduating senior and lost numerous arm-wrestling contests in a bar called The Balalaika.

His journalistic career began as an editor with Western Publication in Austin, Texas, his literary career with a poem in The Beloit Poetry Journal and shortstories in Four Quarters and The Georgia Review.

Journalistic adventures were interrupted by a year in Europe, writing an unpublished novel in New Orleans, two marriages and the births of two sons and three daughters, six years as a business and government accountant, passionate participation in Rotisserie baseball leagues and community, fern bar and university appearances as an actor, director and gofer.

Writing credits include:
The Blood of the Serpent, Algora
Why Immigrants Come to America, Praeger
Miss Sally, Bobbs-Merrill
Running Out the Hurt, Black Rose Writing
They Still Play Baseball the Old Way, White Eagle Coffee Store Press
A Perfect Throw, Aldrich
Full-length non-fiction articles about Mexico and Latin America have appeared in The Retired Officer Magazine, The American Scholar, Social Justice Review, The Monthly Review, Global Politics, New Politics, America, Commonweal, The Christian Century, Christian Science Monitor, Notre Dame Magazine, Catholic Digest, Toward Freedom and Focus among others. Full-length features also appeared in Aloft, Westways, The Nation, Chicago Tribune Magazine, American Way, American Legion Magazine, Modern Maturity, Texas Highways, Army Magazine, East Bay Monthly, Smoke and others and fiction in a variety of trade and literary magazines including The Georgia Review, The North American Review, New Orleans Review, Confrontation, South Dakota Review, Kansas Quarterly, Descant, Southern Humanities Review, Mississippi Review, Sou’wester, Buffalo Spree and Interim among many others.


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  1. Rick sprout

    July 24, 2016

    Love your work! Started reading your work
    in Monthly Review.Just found your site.
    Can I subscribe? I will soon be moving to
    Mexico City


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