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What Do You Want?

July 27, 2016


ROBERT JOE STOUT For weeks, María Cristi rehearsed what she was going to say. Rehearsed and procrastinated, bitten by doubts. She didn’t want to cause anguish—or anger. But after each procrastination her determination returned. “I have a right to know, I have a right to know,” she repeated with teenaged determination. Finally, she forced herself […]

Victory Cheers

July 22, 2016


In Monkey Screams a highschool football coach insists: Even those among their classmates who’ll go on to property and wealth won’t forget these players’ names or what they did out on the field. Highschool is molding time for adolescents. Self-awareness expands, not always pleasantly, and with it doubts, fears, aspirations, embarrassments. Importances become exaggerated, personalities […]

The Crucifixion

July 10, 2016

0  ON THE RUSK, No. 9, June 2016 The Crucifixion                                                           Robert Joe Stout           Sparks snapping from his skateboard’s wheels Rene Aronld caromed past the cactus-embroidered houses of the canyon subdivision where his parents lived towards the oleum creeping through the cleft in the San Rafael hills. To him Los Angeles was an alien jungle […]

A Phallic Disease

July 1, 2016


Avatar Review Issue 18 A Phallic Disease          Asked about the deterioration of communal life in Mexico, Citlali Morales makes the sign of the cross.          “The Church, you mean?”          She shakes her head. A large woman by southern Mexico standards, full-figured with wide prominent features and eyes that seem to say I know […]