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Life’s Little Adventures

November 9, 2016


FROM GNARLED OAK With the County by Robert Joe Stout on Nov 7, 2016 Somewhat to my surprise I discovered those who worked for the county in which I used to live were not government employees but members of a private club. One joined this club by filling out an application, taking a test and […]

Macho Men

October 16, 2016


Macho Men  by Robert Joe Stout From The Vehicle, Spring 2016   Oaxaca, Mexico, 2006 With the military/police takeover the historical district has become somnambulant. Despite sunshine everything seems gray, buildings and people slightly distorted, as though being photographed by out of focus cameras. The authorities have blocked auto and pedestrian access to the Zócalo […]


September 29, 2016


Topology Magazine, September 26, 2016, Steep green hills abruptly give way to a sloped clearing, octopus-like, its tentacles twisting through thick growth and dwindling into impassable crevices among brambles and tree roots. On the widest side of the clearing a sheer cliff face exposes tiers of reddish gray rock. Beneath it are two-meter-high piles of […]

The Crucifixion

July 10, 2016

0  ON THE RUSK, No. 9, June 2016 The Crucifixion                                                           Robert Joe Stout           Sparks snapping from his skateboard’s wheels Rene Aronld caromed past the cactus-embroidered houses of the canyon subdivision where his parents lived towards the oleum creeping through the cleft in the San Rafael hills. To him Los Angeles was an alien jungle […]

A Phallic Disease

July 1, 2016


Avatar Review Issue 18 A Phallic Disease          Asked about the deterioration of communal life in Mexico, Citlali Morales makes the sign of the cross.          “The Church, you mean?”          She shakes her head. A large woman by southern Mexico standards, full-figured with wide prominent features and eyes that seem to say I know […]

They Still Play Baseball the Old Way

June 13, 2016


They Still Play Baseball the Old Way  My intention when I began writing the poems in “They Still Play Baseball the Old Way” section of a Perfect Throw was to present the Mexico I know and live in through portraits of the members of a ragtag semi-pro baseball team. The Mexico I know is not […]

Honest and Angry

June 11, 2016


Honest and Angry  Robert Joe Stout Editor’s Note: Last Year, I published Robert Joe Stout’s, “Molotov Cocktails,” in which he wrote about the most serious theme any writer can approach: injustice. Stout has written extensively about Oaxaca, and his piece highlighted the oppression suffered by a group known as the Popular Assembly of […]