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Hideous Costume

October 25, 2018


With Day of the Dead approaching I search out the hideous costume I’ve used for years. It consists of: * my face, which frightens children, cats, street vendors, young women and tourists from everywhere except Texas. (Nothing seems to frighten tourists from Texas); * a black sweatshirt; * a slightly too large old pair of […]

Me and Miss Sally

October 12, 2017


An excerpt from the novel Miss Sally ( intended for a media site that turned out to be no more than a vote-for-me fan page.  So it appears here instead.   In his shrill, cackly voice Mr. Bayne repeated what he’d told the Alperts a few days earlier. Then, more slyly, he added that he […]

Livin’ the Life Latina

December 23, 2015


Q&A with Robert Joe Stout Robert Joe Stout’s books include Hidden Dangers, an examination of Mexico-U.S. relations and the conflicts they’ve generated including drug commerce and immigration. Two volumes of poetry have appeared recently, Monkey Screams from FutureCycle Press which includes poems from Vietnam, Mid-America and Mexico, and A Perfect Throw. A new novel, Where […]

Robert Joe Stout Interviewed by Kevin Cooper

October 25, 2015


Kev’s Author Interviews Presents…      Robert Joe Stout                          Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico              A Short Bio        Author and journalist. Previous books about Mexico include Hidden Dangers, The Blood of the Serpent: Mexican Lives and Why Immigrants Come to America in addition to articles, reports, essays and creative nonfiction in dozens […]

Tijuana’s Gay Parade

March 29, 2015


Tijuana’s annual Gay Pride celebration Robert Joe Stout “Can’t get through,” the cabdriver slammed on the brakes, “I’ll have to back up and go around.” Embroidered by an outpouring of indistinguishable adjectives, most of which had to do with illegitimate children and immoral women, this information also included something about a parade, AIDS and arrogant […]

What a reviewer says about Hidden Dangers

November 22, 2014


Chronicle Book Review: Mexico on the Brink 0 BY ON NOVEMBER 20, 2014 · 420 POLITICAL NEWS Hidden Dangers: Mexico on the Brink of Disaster by Robert Joe Stout (2014, Sunbury Press, 210 pp., $16.95 PB) Today is the official 104th anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution. The uprising that began then lasted […]

The Indie Book Marketing Game

August 14, 2013


How to market self-published or small press-published books is quite the craze. There are hundreds of “how to sell what you write” blogs, websites and promos. After looking into a lot of them I decided to try to analyze where they come from, what they signify and the effects they have on self-publishing and indie […]